Welcome to NLP!

Welcome to NLP Life Coaching!

A lot of people have been asking me throughout my journey to becoming practitioner “What the hell is NLP?” Frequency increased especially when I published my Facebook page. I realised that there was a lack of awareness about coaching, especially NLP and that’s when I decided I had to do my part in raising awareness – especially here in Cairo, Egypt.

I’ve been plainly explaining to others that it’s like being a psychiatrist except I’m not a doctor and the techniques are a lot more practical. I’m not wrong – that is the simplified explanation however there is so much more to NLP than meets the eye.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is more commonly known among business professionals often as a way to better communicate with customers. A lot of the courses and workshops out there cater to Sales Reps, Marketers and Executives (just to name a few), however there is a deeper side to NLP that is rarely advertised. It can allow you to free yourself from limitations and become the person you truly are inside.

What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of how the brain can be reprogrammed with the use of neurology, psychology, kinesiology and linguistics. The brain, like a computer can be programmed and reprogrammed. The way we see the world and the way we interact with it, is all due to the coding we have accumulated throughout our lives. NLP gives you the tools to change the limiting beliefs, behaviours and values that hold you back and keep you trapped.

How does NLP Life Coaching differ from normal coaching?

Normal coaching or even some kinds of specialised coaching e.g. business coaching, sports coaching, study coaching etc… Focus solely on the Conscious and Logic mind. Most life coaching programmes avoid digging deep into the past or uncovering and working with old wounds. Their techniques and solutions may work for a while, however they do not remedy the source of the issues.

NLP works on a deeper level, in particular through the subconscious and unconscious minds, which is where most of our programming is stored. A lot of our current issues can be traced back to wounds we attained in childhood.

For Example:

Minna grew up distrusting men and whenever she got into a relationship, she would find actions and reasons to feed her suspicions. She believed all men cannot be trusted, that they’re out to hurt her and will always betray her trust. Because of her beliefs and actions, she has pushed away every single man who’s ever tried to get close. She was never betrayed by any of the men she dated, as they never lasted long enough to prove or disprove her beliefs.

Where did her beliefs originate from? She was abandoned by her father. He left her mother to marry another woman and started a new family – never seeing her again. Her source of support and masculinity betrayed her trust – her Inner Child became wounded, carrying a trauma that wouldn’t heal.

In order to protect herself she built walls over the years, each stronger than the last. She left them before they left her. All the while deep down inside, the inner child wasn’t crying because men may betray her, but she believed that she wasn’t good enough, that she was unlovable and unworthy of being loved. After some digging she realised that she had a fear of abandonment and didn’t love herself or see her value.

Her pain lived on and grew with her, adapting and wearing new masks suited for every occasion. She lost the essence of who she really was, and allowed her past experience to dictate her reactions and behaviours in the present.

How can NLP help?

Based on the story above – NLP could help her face and heal the past in order to embrace the present and the future. She would become free of the entanglements, the limiting beliefs, values and behaviour and maybe even forgive her father and essentially herself. She would eventually be able to trust in the world again and most importantly love, value and accept who she is.

NLP can aid in your self development, awareness and healing. Coaching can help you heal old wounds, build a stronger foundation for the future, embrace and accept who you are and help you to better communicate with the world.

Some of the other areas in which NLP can help:

– Dealing and better communicating with family
– Reaching career goals and finding your passion
– Changing your negative opinion and perception of money
– Healing or handling chronic physical pain
– Letting go of bad relationships that still hold you back
– Moving on from grief and loss
– Accepting yourself and your life choices
– Reconnecting with your spirituality
– Forgiving yourself and others
– Reclaiming your life
– Working with creative blocks
– Finding inner peace
– Letting go of fears
– Healing traumas and phobias
– Handling anxiety and panic attacks

And much much more…

What kind of tools do NLP coaches use? 

Each case is unique and the tools we have as coaches allow us to creatively combine and utilise the techniques to better suit your needs.

Some of the techniques we use include:

– Timeline therapy
– Hypnosis
– Meditation
– Trauma healing
– Visualisation techniques
– Framing and reframing
– The wheel of life
– Mercedes model
– Forgiveness pattern

Just to name a few…

Is NLP enough on its own?

For many people NLP is enough to help them affect change, however each person is unique and may need to use several forms of therapy and activities to better heal or grow.

NLP works equally as well as a complimentary therapy and doesn’t hinder any progress or work you may be doing with psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors or even other coaches.

NLP works on utilising the power of your mind to help you for the better and this often means that other healthcare, psychological work or other forms of therapy end up working better and more effectively when NLP is included.

::NLP coaches cannot advise on or prescribe any medications – always consult a doctor when dealing with medication::

You are the master of your actions and reactions. You decide if you want to change and you choose the road you want to travel.

What do you want?

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