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Reveal - Realign - Reconcile

Reconcile with yourself again by working with a transpersonal and integrative approach - To truly heal we need to reconcile and re-integrate the aspects and parts of ourselves that have split off over the course of our lives. To Heal is to become Whole.

No matter where we are in our self-development journey we benefit from having a guide, companion or wayshower along the way. A good guide, companion or wayshower can light up the steps you need to take, because they have walked it too.

Having worked with people from a variety of cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and backgrounds, Dahlia has cultivated an all-embracing practice, that creates a safe space to explore, heal and integrate. "You deserve to heal, grow and thrive. It's your journey, I'm just here to help you navigate."

Who is Dahlia Dowler?

Dahlia Dowler has a diverse and extensive toolbox ranging from a variety of modalities, including; NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Integral & Systemic Coaching. As well as extensive education in areas such as The Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, Transpersonal Psychology, Levels of Awareness & Consciousness and Psycho-Spiritual development. Dahlia is currently developing her work with ancestral and systemic patterns by studying an intensive over 2-year training in Systemic and Family Constellation. Dahlia started reading Tarot Cards and giving channeled and intuitive readings when she was 12 years old - 23 years ago. Along with the trainings, education, and experiences, her readings are informed with deep wisdom, guidance, and insight.

Dahlia has been on a consistent inner work and self-development journey for over 7 years. The first of her official trainings was as an NLP practitioner, which helped begin leaving her shell after the loss of both her parents and extreme bouts of depression. The journey continued as she was introduced to an ever-expanding world related to transpersonal and psycho-spiritual work and practices. Welling with juicy knowledge, information, and wisdom, Dahlia is a cornerstone in an ever-growing community in Egypt.

Inspired by the variety of experiences she's been exposed to, Dahlia works hand in hand with her intuition as well as her broad and deep education. Knowing what it feels like to be a client and someone on a life-long journey, Dahlia holds the space and facilitates what needs to emerge, reconcile and heal.

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